What's New: Discord Chat, Docker 20.10, Big Udemy Sale





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Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Hey there container fans, it’s been 9 months of a break from the newsletter. I’m back with some of the latest stuff I’ve been working on. 1. Join my Discord server, 2. Docker 20.10 is coming, and 3. Big course sale

My new Discord server: Vital DevOps chat
Join the Bret's Vital DevOps Discord Server!
I’ve started my Discord server to create a community focused on DevOps and containers. I think Discord is the future of open community chat, and I find it much better for communities then Slack, with a lot of IRC-like moderation and bot features. Come join us at https://devops.fan
Coming Soon: Docker 20.10
It’s been well over a year since the last major release of the Docker Engine and CLI. The beta changelog show’s us what’s coming, including build secrets as ENV’s, Swarm Jobs!, cgroup2 support, rootless, and more.
docker-ce/CHANGELOG.md at master · docker/docker-ce · GitHub
My biggest Udemy course sale of the year
For the next 5 days, Udemy has put my courses on sale, at a lower price then they even let me make in coupons!
The Original and best way to learn containers. Starts with “Why Docker” and takes you through Docker images, containers, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm basics, Docker Registry, and Kubernetes basics. More than 19 hours of content and growing!
My Mastery courses continue with the latest videos on learning Kubernetes from scratch, with over 80 lectures on all the popular features and content built by a team of experts. This course assumes you know Docker first.
After you’ve finished the Docker Mastery course, you’ll want to dig in deep for the language and frameworks you use. My Docker for Node.js course is just that. It takes your Docker skills and goes deep for how to get the best out of container tools for Node.js projects. More than 8 hours of content.
For those that want to use Swarm in production, Swarm Mastery is meant for those with basic Docker skills but want the full Swarm feature-set and tools you need for production clusters and ops support. More than 9 hours of content.
Thanks for supporting my courses and content!
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Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher @bretfisher

Commentary on tools and techniques I find interesting around Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Native DevOps, and DevSecOps.

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Bret Fisher, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA