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🎉Join Me On Patreon! Important Changes to This Newsletter

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
It’s here! I’m now on Patreon, which is the new #1 way you can support this newsletter and get updates on all my content. Read below on what changes are coming to this newsletter and why you should check out my Patreon.

Join Me On Patreon For All My Updates
Not everything I create will fit into a Udemy course, so Patreon will be the place for getting all that stuff, mostly free, but also some new member-only benefits and content.
I’ve also been trying to answer two questions I get from students:
  1. How do you know when I release something new across all my YouTube videos, podcasts, blog articles, this newsletter, GitHub repos, conference talks, etc. Social media isn’t great for that, and this newsletter only goes out every week or two. We wanted a central place you could track all the content I’m making.
  2. Many have asked to buy me a coffee monthly as a thank you for all this free content. Other than buying one of my courses, there was no way to do that before Patreon. Now you can choose to support my content for as little as $2/mo, and help ensure I can keep making content you (hopefully) find valuable.
Things to Note:
  1. Patreon has paid memberships, but you can still get some notifications and updates for free by clicking “follow.” All my free content is still free, and you can follow that on Patreon. I didn’t want to force people to pay for what I already do for free (YouTube, GitHub, blog, Slack, newsletter, etc.)
  2. Since I will be sending regular updates out through Patreon on what I’m working on, this newsletter won’t provide that anymore. You’ll need to follow or patron me on Patreon for regular updates on my content.
Changes To This Newsletter: More Of The Good Stuff!
This Newsletter has a new title: FasterOps
Rather than focusing on telling you what content I’m releasing elsewhere (that’s now what Patreon is for), this newsletter can focus on education. My goal is for you learn something that “makes it easier or faster to create, deploy, and operate software.” That’s my idea for FasterOps. It’s the same thing I was doing before in this email, but more focused now. Regardless of what we call it… DevOps, GitOps, etc…
The goal of all of this Dev-to-Ops work is to ship code more often and more reliably, with less human effort and involvement, while also improving systems visibility, metrics, and recovery time.
Thanks for Being Awesome!
I’ve received great feedback on the launch of my Patreon, so thank you all for your support, kind words, and help in making it possible for me to do what I love: helping others who make and operate software!
See you next week,
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Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher @bretfisher

Commentary on tools and techniques I find interesting around Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Native DevOps, and DevSecOps.

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