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Cool Stuff From KubeCon

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Hey container champs! Last week I had two superstar guests on my YouTube Live stream. We had Kesley Hightower of Google and Jérôme Petazzoni of Tiny Shell Script. We talked about the future of Kubernetes, and we talked about Kelsey’s keynote talk at KubeCon. This newsletter is going to cover some of the topics and talks brought up at the conference. Keep an eye out for KubeCon EU coming up in 2020!

Real Time Docker Monitoring
Lightning Talks- Quick Lectures
KubeCon offered “Lightning Talks”, which were quick lectures meant to get right to the point and provide the audience with helpful knowledge ranging from troubleshooting tips, to how to donate projects to the CNCF, and everything in-between. The first video shown below diagrams DNS of a K8s cluster, and common areas that misbehave. It also shows the importance of observability in a cluster to identify potential problem areas. The next video demonstrates simple yet effective ways to increase productivity in the CLI using aliases and tab completion.
Is Your Kubernetes Cluster's DNS Working? - Jonathan Perry, Flowmill
Boosting Your kubectl Productivity - Mauricio Salatino, LearnK8s
Keynote Talks
First here, is the aforementioned Kelsey Hightower Keynote, where he talks about the importance of the community culture of sharing in this industry. Another keynote from KubeCon was the CNCF Project Updates Talk, where Bryan Liles brought up some project creators in the K8s space to highlight their latest updates. We also heard from companies like Vitess (the database clustering system), and Linkerd (the service mesh for Kubernetes).
Reflections - Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate, Google
CNCF Project Updates - Bryan Liles
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Bret Fisher
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