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Being More Productive With Kubernetes

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Hey container champs! This newsletter is going to focus on some productivity tips when using Kubernetes. A style of work which we have highlighted on the newsletter, podcast, and in my courses is GitOps. We recently had Brice Fernandes of WeaveWorks on our show to discuss it, along with other projects.

Chat with Weaveworks about GitOps
Using a Gitops Workflow to Promote Efficiency
GitOps is an operations model that has a single source of truth. This source is where your desired system state is expressed so that a differencing tool can recognize changes, test them, and deploy them. This workflow is especially useful in Kubernetes clusters, managing not only your source code, but also your infrastructure as well. Shipping updates more quickly means that the MTD or Mean Time to Deployment will be sped up drastically.
GitOps- What You Need to Know
Highly Effective Kubernetes Deployments
CLI Productivity
Taking measures to boost performance isn’t always implementing a tool. Sometimes minor things can be done, like utilizing tab completion, using aliases to save typing time, etc. In my Kubernetes course, we have a pod we can use to access a shell inside the cluster. Using an alias, we could type “shpod” and it would spin this pod up with that one word. Typing “delete-shpod” could bring it down. Another way to use built in tools for increased productivity is to use contexts and namespaces, switching between different environments with ease.
Boosting your kubectl productivity
5 Tips to Be More Productive With Kubernetes
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Bret Fisher
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